Workers Advocacy Group Enterprises (W.A.G.E.) was created to provide Workers with a resource to learn their rights, and help them determine if they may be owed money by a current or former employer.

Whether you are currently employed, or believe a former employer did not pay you correctly, You May Be Owed Thousands of Dollars!

Many Workers are not aware of the various federal and state laws that protect their rights. Regardless of a agreement with an Employer, or what an Employer may have told an Employee, these rights are protected by law and cannot be waived or signed away.

These rights include:

  • The right to be paid a fair wage for ALL hours worked
  • The right to be paid overtime when earned
  • The right to be accurately classified by their Employer
  • The right to pursue a claim for any money owed to them

W.A.G.E. has created a network of Attorneys who specialize in wage and hourly claims and advertise their services to Workers who request a free, no obligation consultation to help them determine if they have cause to seek compensation from their Employer.