Nowadays, it seems like more and more employers are trying to squeeze out as much labor as possible from workers without properly paying them for their time and hard work. Unfortunately, a lot of these employers are getting away with their unlawful actions because their workers are unaware of the local and state laws that are being broken.
Would you like to learn more about filing labor claims against your employer? Our lawyers are here to help you! Contact a local employment law attorney to find out more about filing labor claims.

Our employment law attorneys assist employees with a variety of issues that surround filing labor claims, including but not limited to the following:

• State labor laws
• Federal labor laws
• Bounced paychecks
• Bringing complaints to the labor board
• Overtime wages
• Managers and overtime pay
• Nonexempt employees
• Claiming unpaid wages
• Working off the clock
• Working through meal breaks
• Wrongful termination after being refused to work without overtime pay

Our employment law lawyers feel that employees who work hard, put in overtime hours or are ordered to skip meals and lunches, have the right to be rewarded for their efforts by their bosses fully complying with wage and hour laws in addition to proper compensation for overtime work, and all in a timely manner. When companies misclassify their workers in an effort to make them exempt from overtime compensation or do not supply legally enforced time off for breaks, they are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) enforced by the government.
The regulations that govern employment practices are constantly evolving. As such, you need a lawyer that not only has extensive knowledge in wage and hour law, but somebody who is kept in the loop regarding on the latest trends and shifts in how employment law is enforced. Our employment lawyers possess the expertise and skills that are needed to receive justice from an unlawful employer.

Have you been overworked or treated unfairly by your employer? Are you owed compensation for work that you’ve put in and have yet to see that money? Our lawyers are here to help employees file labor claims against their employers. Contact an employment law attorney in your state today.

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