Do you believe a current or former employer may owe you money?

Do you believe you were not paid proper overtime wages?

Do you believe your employer may have misclassified your job description or title in order to
avoid paying you money that you earned?

In order to make an accurate determination of  your rights, you should speak with an Attorney. Do
 not rely on the advice of friends, families, or this website to make that determination for you.

Federal and State Employment laws are in place to protect your rights and you need an
attorney who specializes in this area of law to help you.

Most Employment attorney’s will offer you a free, no obligation consultation to help you 
understand your situation. WAGE has created a network of attorneys who pay to advertise
their services to you. These attorneys will not charge you for a consultation.

The WAGE attorney network works on a contingency basis. They will only
get paid when and if your case settles, and those fees will be paid by the employer.

Simply click here to complete a questionnaire that will help you, and an attorney, better
 understand your unique situation.

There is NO COST to do so. And by completing the form you are under no obligation to
engage one of the advertising network attorneys.

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