The labor board usually refers to the National Labor Relations Board, a federal agency that handles various aspects of the relationship between workers and employers and between unions and businesses. The NLRB is an independent agency that does what it can to protect the rights of workers throughout the country. Our attorneys represent employees needing legal representation before the NLRB, arbitrating claims on a wide variety of predicaments. As a federal agency arbiter, the labor board has broad regulatory authority over companies and over workers. Its main duty is to hear claims and decide how administrative rulings and federal law affect the rights of each involved party. The National Labor Relations Board also acts to avoid and fix unfair labor acts committed by private sector unions and employers.

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The National Labor Relations Board handles a broad range of issues related to labor laws and employment. The NLRB will:

  • Investigate Charges
  • Conduct Elections
  • Decide Cases
  • Facilitate Settlements
  • Enforce Orders

Workers covered by the National Labor Relations Act are protected by specific rights to come together to improve their earnings and working environment, with or without a union. Workers who are not represented by a union also have privileges under the NLRA.  Particularly, the National Labor Relations Board safeguards the prerogatives of workers to be involved in “protected concerted activity”, which is when two or more workers take action for their mutual assistance or protection relating to conditions and terms of their employment.

A single worker may also seek out protected concerted activity if he or she is acting on the power of other workers, bringing an assembly of grievances to the employer’s attention, looking to get ready for group action, or attempting to induce group action.

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