Federal law and California state law both require the compensation of overtime wages to most workers who exceed a traditional workweek of forty hours, and more than eight hours daily in the majority of businesses throughout California. Federal law exempts workers from specific industries or with certain positions from compensation for overtime wages; however, very few workers are classified as exempt from overtime. For instance, workers that may be exempt from the protection of implemented federal laws that offer overtime pay include attorneys, physicians, engineers, accountants, executives, outside salespersons and high-level managers.

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Employers who violate overtime wage law in California may be ordered to pay:

  • Penalties
  • Interest
  • Lawyer’s costs and fees
  • Injunctive and declaratory relief
  • Earnings due and owing, including overtime pay and base pay
  • Other forms of payment such as vacation pay, benefits, bonuses and commissions

According to California state law, overtime income is one and one-half (1 ½) times the worker’s standard wage rate for all hours worked beyond the standard forty hours in one week. Additionally, overtime income is owed to all nonexempt workers for all hours worked beyond eight hours in one day and up to twelve hours in a workday, and for the first eight hours on duty on the seventh consecutive day in a workweek. Furthermore, the rate for overtime pay changes and increases (it becomes double instead of one and a half times) for all hours worked beyond twelve hours in a workday, and all hours worked beyond 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in any workweek.

California employers violate the overtime and employment laws when they pay a salary to workers that are supposed to be compensated hourly. Additionally, employers violate these regulations when they do not allow an employee to clock-in their hours when they are working overtime, and force them to work “off the clock” and not get compensated for this extra hard work.
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